Thursday, 29 November 2012

last chance for a wedding...

This is your last chance for a wedding before Advent, during which season
 they were frowned upon, and be careful to choose an auspicious 
colour  for your wedding dress.

Marry in green, ashamed to be seen
Marry in grey, you'll go far away
Marry in brown, never live in a town
Marry in red, wish yourself dead
Marry in yellow, ashamed of your fellow
Marry in black, wish yourself back
Marry in pink, of you he'll aye think
Marry in blue, love ever true
Marry in  white, you have chosen right.

I have never heard the full doggerel before, I thought white was supposed to 
show that you were virtuous!

Anyway this is a cracker as well!!

When a man designs to marry a woman who is in debt, if he takes her from the hands of the priest clothed only in her shift, it is supposed that he will not then be liable for her obligations.
The Gentleman's Magazine 1784

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