Sunday, 25 November 2012

The sun enters the house of sagittarius

The man born under Sagittarius shall have mercy on every man he sees. 
He shall go far to desert places unknown and dangerous, and shall return 
with great gains; he shall see his fortune increase from day to day. 
At twenty two years he shall have some peril, but he shall live 
seventy two years and eight months after nature.
The woman shall love to labour, she may not see one weep without pity.
 She shall spend much silver by evil company. 
She ought to be married at thirteen and shall have pains in her eyes at fourteen; 
she shall be called the mother of sons and shall live seventy two years after nature.
Both man and woman shall be inconstant in deeds but of 
good conscience, merciful and better to others than themselves.

Kalender of Shepheardes 1604

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