Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Faerie Shoemaker

The Faerie Shoemaker otherwise known as Leprechaun spends his time 
around clear pure streams, also has a liking for cool dark cellars. 
Easily recognisable from the red cap he wears, he also wears two leather
 purses on his belt. In one a silver coin and in the other a gold coin. 
The silver coin always returns to his purse even after being given away. 
He only hands out the gold if he needs to buy his freedom from a captor. 
But keep your eye on him, one blink and he will vanish and the coin will turn to dust.
When he is not drinking and smoking ( which he is very partial to!) he is busy 
making shoes for the faerie folk. The Leprechaun is well paid for his services and 
has amassed quite a store of gold which he keeps in a large crock. 
He hides it well but usually it can located buried at the end of the 
rainbow where it touches the earth.

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