Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Faerie Helper

The Bean Tighe of Ireland is the Irish form of the Faerie Godmother, 
she will attach herself to certain families for many generations. 
Looking after the children and pets, even finishing the chores around the house.

Faeries and Folklore of the British Isles

These domestic faeries piskies, hobs, boggarts perform many useful tasks 
around the home. Generally regarded as a good thing the house holder had to 
be careful not to offend  them. If vexed cream jugs were smashed, butter would not 
come, horses would be unmanagable, all manner of things would go wrong while 
the small creatures would watch in delight from some secret place!
The faeries also disliked lazy wives and servants.

If ye will with Mab find grace
Set each platter in his place
Rake the fire up and get
Water in, ere sun be set
Wash your pailes, and cleanse your dairies
Sluts are loathsome to the Faeries
Sweep your house. Who doth not so
Mab will pinch her by the toe

So with that I am off to sweep my floors before I get pinched by Mab!

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