Friday, 6 September 2013

Don't chop down the trees!

Luckily I persuaded him not to chop down the trees that were growing around the walls of the garden, bless him, he is not a gardener and was going to nuke everything! My first visit was in early spring so of course all the trees were only just budding. Apparently had some advice from an 'expert' who recommended that he took all the fruit trees away!
Luckily he thought again and while some are past it, a few are doing well and will be even better now they have been cleared. This time I could point out a heavily laden plum tree that he hadn't noticed so that was worth saving, I am sure there are some old varieties left in the garden and these need to be saved.
I think he got carried away by the thought of all the boys toys he could use i.e diggers!

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