Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ghost stories abound..


There are many ghost stories told in Dorset, one is of the vast spectral army that marches across the hills from Flowers Barrow to Grange Hill.The thud of the trampling horses and the men with their clashing armour can be plainly heard and their indistinct forms  be seen in the swirling mist. On these nights no creature can be induced to go near these phantom roads. This ghostly army is usually seen at times of national crisis. Last reported sightings was just before the second world war.

Legions of the Downs In his book 'History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset'. The Dorset historian, Rev. John Hutchins writes an account of an phantom army seen in the parish of Creech.Rev. John HutchinsHe writes "On the top of the hill, south of and opposite to Mr. Bond's house, a very remarkable phenomenon was pretended to have appeared in 1678. One evening in December was imagined to be seen a vast number of armed men, several thousands, marching from Flower's Barrow over Grange Hill; and a great noise and clashing of arms was supposed to have been heard. Nothing appeared on the south side of the hill. They were pretended to have been seen by Captain John Laurence, then owner of Grange, who lived there, and his brother, and 100 more, particularly by four clay-cutters just going to leave off work and by all the people in the cottages and hamlets thereabout, who left their supper and houses, and came to Wareham, and alarmed the town, on which the boats were all drawn to the north side of the river, and the bridge barricaded. Three hundred of the militia were marched to Wareham; Captain Laurence and his brother went post to London, and deposed the particulars on oath before the Council; and, had not he and his family been of known affection to the government, he would have been severely punished, the nation being in a ferment about Oates's plot. This account I had from one Thomas Bolt, a native of Wareham, who then lived there, and perfectly remembered the particulars; he died in 1758, aged 59.

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