Monday, 30 September 2013

I am lucky enough to have a huge buddlia bush in my garden, it has been glorious all summer, offering loads of pollen to all the bees and butterflies.
I have kept a watchful eye on the butterflies as according to countryside folklore 
these beautiful insects are actually faeries in disguise.  
I have not spotted one in its true form yet and as the blooms are fast fading I think I 
will have to wait for next year's blossoms.

People used to think butterflies were witches or fairies in disguise stealing butter, 
cream and milk. This could also be the reason for the name butterfly. 
They also thought that the insects would fly into cowsheds in the middle of the 
night to steal milk from the cows udders.

While in other countries the butterfly was considered to be a human soul and will 
bring luck. 
In Slavic countries they will open the windows so that the soul can leave leave the body, 
often seen in the form of the butterfly.

In Finland a sleeping person, if dreaming is thought to have his or hers soul fluttering 
above the bed in the form of a butterfly.

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