Wednesday, 18 September 2013

This is the time to observe the weather..

 The weather  on the 20th.21st and 22nd of September will fortell what to expect for the coming October November and December. If there is a south wind the following months will be fair, but if these days be wet then expect a gloomy and cold early winter.
To guard against the cold of the forthcoming months, according to William Turner writing in 1568, a cap made of lavender flowers and worn daily  will protect against any diseases that come from cold weather and that they comfort the brain very well, namely if it have any distemperature that cometh of moistness.
Lavender has been used for hundreds of years in many ways, medicinally as well as in the sue of love spells and rituals. By carrying lavender flowers you can attract spirits as well as bringing peace love and good health, but it will also give protection against the evil eye.


  1. ...yaY! ~ for lavender blessings!...(O:

    1. I love lavender, it is so useful medicinally, great in the garden. I am going to start a 'love your lavender day'!