Friday, 22 August 2014

23rd August; the sun enters the House of Virgo

Kalender of Shepheardes 1604

'The man born under Virgo shall be a good house holder, ingenious and solicitous to his work, shamefast and of great courage: but he will be soon to anger. Scarcely shall he be a while with his first wife. He shall be in peril by water, he shall have a wound with iron, and shall live seventy years after nature.
The woman shall be shamefast, ingenious and painstaking. She ought to be wed at twelve years, but she shall not be long with her first husband. Her life shall sometimes be in peril: she shall have dolour at ten years and if she scape shall live seventy years. She shall bring forth virtuous fruit and everything shall favour her.
Man and woman both shall suffer many temptations; they shall delight to live in charity, but they shall suffer much, wheresoever it be.'

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