Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hordes of Faeries arrive in the New Forest

The Faerie Festival at Burley, New Forest, Hampshire

We have just got back from the New Forest where we have been attending this great event,set in  beautiful countryside and surrounded by ancient woodland. In this landscape lies hidden over two hundred ancient barrows, thought to be home to the faeries. One such iron age barrow is the Colt Pixies Cave named after the Colt Pixies who take on the form of a horse and lead the wild horses of the New Forest into bogs and other dangers.

But luckily no naughty colt pixies were present at the weekend, the weather on Saturday was wonderful and it brought all the nice faeries out to play! Sunday brought a stiff breeze but still the faeries came and the brief heavy downpour did nothing to dampen everybody's enjoyment of the festival.

There were lots of little faeries, big faeries, wizards and even an Ent!

We had lots of little faerie visitors to the stand during the two days.

Here is one little faerie plus dad!

even a faerie dog!

There were all sorts of activities and live music going on throughout the day, a puppet show put on
 by The Dragons of Wye- Ten Puppet Theatre
(congratulations to Lynsy McLennan who has just had a short story ' Sticklebacks and Butterflies published in The Peoples Friend)

A fancy dress competition was held by the fairy officials for the best costumes.

There were lots of other faerie artists at the event as well as myself; 
 Josephine Wall,  
Chris Down,


  Simon Fastnedge, a local artist from Dorset


and world renowned illustrator for Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby and many more talented artists. 
All this and lots of stalls selling essential gear for faeries, wings, wands, ears, faerie tutus; in fact anything a faerie could need!
So if you are in the area next year check out this fantastic festival.

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