Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Mice of Horsehill Farm

The Mice of Horsehill Farm: Teasels Present

Deep in a wooded valley lies an old farm, a small bubbling stream 
flows past the old buildings. It's banks lined with young hazel and willow trees, 
and in the summer the farm is surrounded by a sea of  flowers and wild garlic.

Spillers, Teasel and their five children, Fullers, Marigold, Stickers, Twinkle
 and little Jersey live in the crumbling stone barn at Horsehill Farm.

Teasel’s Present is the first book in the series, and is one of the many adventures
that the small mice family has throughout this year.
In this adventure Teasel loses her birthday present, a beautiful brooch, 
and has to find who has taken it. 
With the help of her friends, Spiff the Faerie and Gorse the Brownie 
she retraces her steps and finds that the naughty squirrel Nuttella Rose
 has taken it, but can Teasel persuade her to give it back?

I was brought up on a farm deep in the Dorset countryside, Horsehill Farm in fact,
 and spent my childhood wandering about the woods and hills surrounding our home.
 As is the case at most farms they have their own small inhabitants, mice, rats ,
 bats, etc and I spent many hours watching and making up stories about their daily lives.
 So it seemed a natural thing to try and recreate this little world that I had pictured as a child.

'Teasel's Present' is a paperback, 27 pages, illustrated throughout with colour 
illustrations plus black and white  line drawings.
It is available from Amazon and my website www.magic-myth-legend.co.uk  

                                            The next book in the series is ‘The Great Storm’

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